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Mermaid Newborn


After 9 months of pregnancy this cute Mermaid is about to become a beautiful Mother, in this fun Mermaid newborn baby game, we will join her on a fun and full of surprises journey to the Hospital!Take a moment to explore the beautiful plants and creatures that hide in the deep Ocean and than start from Number one, which is the first level you will have to complete in order to help our little mermaid princess get ready for road.You can leave you're house without cleaning up and leaving all things organized properly, that is why we're going to play a fun educational game of finding objects and placing them in the right spot at the left panel, after placing all the things for Angela, you might want to clean up the place also of her pet's toys, yeah, don't think that Mermaids aren't aloud to have pets, even more, in the next level you'll get to play a fun pet game with her little green and funny fish.Have lots of fun learning how clean and take care of her little fish, and after you wash him, cut his extra scales and also cleaning him out of all the algae you can get back to your trip.Visit the local fast food, and learn by playing a fun cooking game for kids how to prepare a delicious hamburger, how to prepare a tasty donuts and last but not least how to make her a juicy and healthy milkshake!Next stop is at the Ocean Pharmacy, where we're going to learn how to take the pressure, how to take her temperature and lots of other fun medical tests, even more we're going to prepare our mermaid a natural treatment!As you can see there are lots of puzzles in this fun children game and also lots of things to learn and discover, so don't stop at the Pharmacy make your way to the Hospital and learn more things about our gorgeous mermaid who's just about to give birth in there and she will definitely use your help!Features:- Gorgeous Graphics- Lots of fun educational minigames- Simple and intuitive gameplay- X-Ray and all kinds of medical tools to play with- Suitable for children of any age!